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Tai O

A Fishing Village Lost in Time

Tai O fishing village on the far western coast of Lantau Island is a quaint and picturesque place. Its many traditional stilt houses are typical of a Southern Chinese fishing village, and this is one of the few remaining places where you can still see them in Hong Kong. With its pretty coastal setting framed by mountains, as well as its harbour-side activity, traditional seafood market, and the everyday comings and goings of life in the stilt houses, this village is a photographer’s dream come true, and definitely worth the trip from Hong Kong. Salt production and fishing were once the mainstays of the village economy. Over time, however, the salt industry went into decline and the abandoned salt marshes slowly became overgrown by mangroves, transforming the area into the ecological treasure it is today. In fact, more than half of the native mangrove species in Hong Kong can be found in Tai O! The village is also a popular starting point for boat tours to see the Chinese white dolphin.


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