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Seven Interactive Hotspots

11-07-2024 - 01-09-2024
10:00 - 22:00

Citygate Outlets teams up with UNIVERSTAR BT21 to present a themed event, 'BT21 Magic Recipe: A Taste Of Love’, marking the debut of BT21's global campaign 'BT21 Magic Recipe’, Come and experience 'A Taste Of Love' with BT21 at Citygate Outlets, embark on a magical summer healing journey full of love, and spread positive vibes with love!


BT21 Wondrous Flying Suitcase

Made from recycled paper, the world debut of wizard style RJ is awaiting on the ground floor of Citygate Outlets, along with other BT21 members, packing magic potions and books into a suitcase to welcome all visiting UNISTARS on a magical summer journey.




Isle of Mystical Magic

Welcome, UNISTARS to the Isle of Mystical Magic! Find your way to The Atrium on L2 and walk through ‘BT21 Gateway to Magic’ to receive BT21’s blessings. You can also explore ‘BT21 Mysterious Glass House’, ‘BT21 Giant Potion Pot’ and ‘BT21 Mali-hom Magic Mansion’ to find your own magic recipe. Lastly, spend some quality time at ‘BT21 Magic Bistro’ to enjoy the magical healing drinks made by wizard RJ and share your wondrous moments during the journey!



BT21 Magic Tarot Corridor

Visit The Bridge on L2 where wizard RJ makes a thrilling debut as a four-metre-tall inflatable casting his spell and transforming his fellow BT21 members into Tarot cards floating in mid-air!



Decoration Details:

Location: Opposite to MLB (Shop G01B) on G/F, The Atrium and The Bridge on L2, Citygate Outlets

Date: 2024.07.11 – 09.01

Time: 10am – 10pm daily