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Move it with ERROR – Citygate Outlets’ Sports Gurus

29-09-2020 - 23-10-2020
10:00 - 22:00

ERROR Fun-filled Dance Demonstration

Citygate Outlets has specially invited the comedy idol boy group ERROR as sports gurus, presenting a fun-filled aerobic dance video to get everyone moving.


Click here to view their adrenaline-pumping workout and join in to work up a sweat!

 “Everybody Dances” Instagram Filter

Now everyone can do challenging aerobics moves! You can try out our exclusive Instagram filter to be the king or queen of aerobic dance. Share this funny story with your friends to spread positive vibes!

1.            Use your mobile to click here to open the Instagram AR filter.

2.            Choose a body. Your face will be automatically masked onto your chosen body. You’ll become the king or queen of aerobic dance in a second!

3.            Record your funny workout story with the filter.

4.            Post your Instagram story to share positive vibes with your friends!

Check this out to watch the demonstration by Fatboy@ERROR