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XIHE Bistro

L4 417
2382 8233

Presenting XIHE Peking Duck as house specialty and Beijing cuisine as the core, XIHE Bistro inherits and interprets exquisite Chinese cuisine by hiring influential chefs and learning from cuisines of different places. Having sold more than 700,000 sets a year, XIHE Peking Duck, also called the “Dancing Duck”, is an inheritance as well as an innovation of traditional Peking Duck. XIHE selects authentic Peking duck fed on cereals. The ducks are roasted for 50 minutes to reduce extra fat and the best parts are cut into 88 slices to ensure a higher quality. XIHE improved the traditional slicing method into three new ones and created the Eight Treasures Box with different ingredients to go with the duck: duck breast skin dances on the tip of the tongue with Pop Rocks, breast meat with XIHE mustard sauce makes your heart flip and leg meat with Eight Treasures Box is like a ballet performance on the dinner table. XIHE Bistro hopes that customers could enjoy their meals with the most preferential price. We bring an easy and enjoyable dining experience to customers through quality service. A comfortable and relaxing dining environment that attracts people is what we pursue.

XIHE Bistro

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