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Wheatfield X

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Borscht is a thick vegetable soup originated in Russia. It is mainly made of beetroot together with potatoes, carrots, spinach, beef chunks and cream and is therefore purple-red in colour. In some places, tomatoes are the main ingredient and beet is an add-on. Also, there is orange-red borscht with tomato sauce and is cooked without beet. The Shanghai Style borscht of Wheatfield X is one of the typical classic western foods in Shanghai. Upon the opening of Shanghai in 1843, influence of western food culture came in. In 1917, after the Soviet Revolution in October, a large number of Russians arrived. The Shanghainese called them “ 羅宋人” (Russian in transliteration). In the meantime, Russian western restaurants sprouted. Combined with Shanghai taste, their “One Dish One Soup” soon became a big hit (that is, borscht and bread) in Shanghai. In the early 20th Century, Shanghai Style western food was as well introduced into Hong Kong after its opening. Later, in the 1950s, it developed rapidly into one of the mainstream meals at that time. The founder of Wheatfield X and chef Yip Po Yan, possessing 40 years of gastronomic experience, has once been the chef of the renowned Shanghai Style western restaurant in Hong Kong. Master Yip’s son Andrew, inheriting and further refining his father’s skills, hopes to re-image the cuisine in noodle soup style matching with various ingredients. In addition to the traditional borscht in burdock soup base, shanghai Style borscht in pork bone base is also available for our guests’ choice.

Wheatfield X

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