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Imperial Patisserie

L4 419
2217 3638
11:00 – 20:30

With proud roots in Hong Kong, Imperial Patisserie has been dedicated to inherit splendid Chinese pastry. Our products bridge Chinese heritage and creative presence, delivering an exceptional quality of Chinese Pastry and authentic 100% Made in Hong Kong experience. Master Chef Yip Wing Wah, the founder of Egg Custard Mooncake in Hong Kong and Master Chef Lai Wing Koon, a Michelin 2 Starred Chef and the only inheritor of Chef Yip Wing Wah, have meticulously prepared a variety of irresistible confectionery gifts, featuring our signature Michelin Palmiers, Tonggwoji, Mooncakes, Eggrolls and Crispy Cookies ,etc.

Imperial Patisserie

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