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eslite bookstore

L3 335
Mon to Sun 11:45am – 08:30pm

Broaden horizons, and unfold the beauty of reading In 1989, eslite opened its first store on the Ren'Ai Roundabout in Taipei in pursuit of " Charity, Love and Aesthetics " and the business philosophy of "Humanities, Art, and Creativity into Life". Over the years, with the unique ability of book selection and experience in multi-channel integration and management, eslite has gradually developed into a comprehensive cultural space full of humanistic care focusing on cultural creativity, committed to promoting reading and cultural exchanges. In 1999, the most representative eslite Dunnan bookstore in the Chinese community became a 24-hour bookstore for innovation, where people could read books any time. In 2004, it was selected as Asia's Best by TIME Magazine's Asian Edition. From 2014 to 2015, it was praised by CNN as one of the "coolest bookstores in the world" for two consecutive years.


eslite bookstore

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